Gift Cards, in time for the Holidays

Yes, now you can get Luigi’s Best gift cards to share your love of great local pizza with friends, family, coworkers, & employees.

You can pick up a gift card in any denomination from $5 and up.

Everyone loves pizza, calzones, & salads, so they’re a great gift for anyone and everyone!

Stop by today and pick one up. We might even have a post-Thanksgiving special going on… 😉

You’ve heard of Mexican Coke…

You’ve heard of Mexican Coke, but did you know there’s also Mexican Sprite and Mexican Orange Fanta sodas, too? We now carry all three!

What’s the difference between ordinary soft drinks and the Mexican version? The Mexican versions simply have pure cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup.

While both sugar and corn syrup are simple carbs, some people prefer cane sugar over corn syrup. We stick to drinks made with sugar, like these three Coke products and the San Pellegrino carbonated fruit drinks we sell.

Next time you’re in, try one of these cane sugar-based drinks.